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Freetown Rpg

Post by Jumboh on Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:37 pm

Freetown Rpg is an online text-based Roleplaying game . Text-based games are addictive and
great fun to play. Freetown is no exception!
New players start off weak and not-so-rich. Beware,
the dangerous world of Freetown shows no
mercy so be on your guard from the off.

Freetowners will not think twice to rob or
even kill you for the few bucks. As an online
crime rpg game, the rules are very simple; Build
a new life. Get to the top. Avoid being killed.
Choose any route to get there. In Freetown you
To earn money and increase your status you'll
need to get your hands dirty, rip out some hearts, snap some necks, work, train, and everything in the middle.

In Freetown you can create or join Families which will help in the development of your stats. There are other freebies in the mafia community of Freetown, you can play mini games like blackjack, lotto, lottery, etc.
You can earn or buy HTCs which can be converted to credits to enhance exclusive features of the game or use it to buy VIP in which will enable you create a family.
For every player which gets to top five in hall of fame gets cash prizes.
So see you in Freetown.
------New Features coming soon-----
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